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Fifty miles northeast of the Atlantic Coast  city of Bluefields, Nicaragua lies one of the Caribbean's forgotten tropical paradise; Corn Island.

Corn Island

Corn Island is lush with exotic fruit trees, native palms and surrounded by white sand beaches. A haven for pirates and buccaneers in the 17th century, untold numbers of shipwrecks and treasures still lay scattered along the turquoise shores of Corn Island.

The local Islanders, descendant from the original British prospectors and freed slaves, make their living from harvesting lobster and fish from the prolific, offshore fishing banks. Many Miskito Indians from the nearby "Miskito Coast" as well as Nicaraguans from the "mainland" have moved to Corn Island in recent years, diversifying the population and languages overheard on the island. Still, the laid back atmosphere and lifestyle seems to overtake anyone who visits Corn Island.

The tourism and hospitality industry is in its infancy! The local beer is always cold and you buy rum by the bottle at the restaurants. Adventure travelers seek out Corn Island for their fishing (flats and offshore), scuba diving and snorkeling.

For Many, Paradise is found in the Corn Islands!

Attractions - Things to Do!
Corn Island

Soul of the World: Excavation - Sculpture project by renowned artist, Rafael Trenor, located on Quinn Hill, Big Corn Island.

Spanish Galleon: Visit a 400 year old wreck of a Spanish Galleon by snorkel, dive or glass bottom boat excursion. The wreck lays in 15' of water off of Waula Point, Corn Island. Clearly visible are 14 cannons and the original anchor. No known archaeological survey or salvaging has ever been done on this wreck. Just imagine what else it might be hiding!!! Plan your trip with Paraiso tours

Horseback Riding - Corn Island Horseback Riding: Explore Big and Little Corn's lush interior on horseback. Guided trips can be arranged through Paraiso
Corn Island Weddings

Famous coco bread! Scattered throughout both islands, you will find small, home-based bakeries. These family bakeries each guard their recipes for traditional baked goods such as homemade coco bread, buns, tarts, soda cake and spicy meat patties. Which is your
favorite island bakery?

Mt. Pleasant Tower:  Hike to the highest point on Corn Island through plantations and lush flora and view the 360 panorama of the island.

Corn Island Weddings: Plan a Corn Island wedding or engagement ceremony officiated by the local judge. Ceremonies take place at the courthouse or in a decorated beach side tiki hut arranged by Hotel Paraiso

Souvenirs, Corn Island

Taylor Acopio Gallery/Art Classes:  Original watercolors by artist Rainy Burns for sale at her gallery and workshop located near the cemetery on South End.

Shopping! Corn Island do not have the sophistication of neighboring Central American duty-free zones, but these days, you can find just about anything; the latest fashions,  jewelry, toys, music, local crafts and even a few T-shirts! Don't be shy... walk through that door and see for yourself at the Paraiso souvenirs shop

Baseball, Corn Island

Baseball! Watch the games at the Stadium on Big Corn Island each Sunday during Season. Islanders are so passionate about their baseball and softball that those who are not in attendance are surely listening to the game on the radio (after church service, of course!)

Restaurant Buccaneer - Corn Island

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